Posted in News on 04 Oct 2017

As 2017 quickly progresses, in our latest issue of Alesco News we take a look back at a few events that have filled the headlines this year.

There have been a number of high profile cyberattacks that have had a ripple effect causing widespread issues across a range of industry sectors and businesses. The first of which was the WannaCry ransomware virus which hit the NHS in the UK, and the second, Petryal, which emanated in Chernobyl in the Ukraine, was the first major attack that the energy sector has seen this year.

In our first article, we highlight some of the stories behind these headlines and examine how businesses can reduce their risk against such attacks.

Unfortunately it is not only cyber threats that have been a prominent feature in the news throughout 2017, with a number of major terrorist incidents across the globe, such as those in Manchester, London, Stockholm, and most recently in Spain. Despite the seemingly frequent nature of such incidents, recent research undertaken by our Crisis Management team, in conjunction with YouGov, shows that a high proportion of businesses do not feel that they are adequately prepared or have suitable risk measures in place to protect them against such security threats and crises. In our article here, we explain how to turn this around, by addressing the gaps in insurance cover and building a culture of resilience in the workplace.

In addition, our risk consulting team takes a look back at the Lloyd’s results and half year loss reports. Our power and political risks teams explore the impact of investment in Africa on the infrastructure and resources available to power the continent, following their success at the recent Africa Energy Forum.

As we begin the final quarter of the year, we welcome five major new hires into our energy division, including Bob Choppen who will join in October as Executive Partner, David Hallows, Rob Neighbour and William Holden as Partners and Charlotte Clayton as Associate Partner. These new hires bolster our standing in the market remarkably, and firmly cement our position of preparedness to battle the uncertainty of the remaining part of the year ahead and into 2018.

We hope you enjoy this issue.