Posted in News on 29 Sep 2016

The PPP/PFI/P3 project lifecycle is long and complex, requiring input from a number of key parties. It is crucial that your broker helps you to understand each stage in the cycle, which is why we have put together a construction project lifecycle flowchart to guide you through the steps. 

Our team has worked on over 60 road projects in Europe, America, LATAM and Africa and we have recently recruited a number of experienced new team members. Our teams experience includes major Bridge and Tunnel projects such as the US Goethals Bridge, UK Forth Replacement Crossing, Eurasia Tunnel Turkey, Elizabeth River crossing US, Brisconnect Australia, North South Brisbane Tunnel, Third Bosphorus Bridge.

For more information, download our PPP/PFI/P3 project lifecycle flowchart, or get in touch with us today to discuss your construction project insurance needs in more detail.