Posted in News on 15 Apr 2019

Alesco DA is a specialist binding authority broker, providing a wide variety of services to coverholders, brokers, MGAs and insurers around the world. By connecting our clients with underwriters in Lloyd’s and the London market, we have built a portfolio of over 300 delegated authority facilities in more than 30 countries, equating to in excess of $1bn in GWP (approx.) under management.

The MGA and Delegated Authority market is experiencing significant change as insurers impose greater underwriting discipline to restore MGA profitability. Read more to understand how Alesco DA can help to successfully renew or replace capacity arrangements.


By connecting our clients with underwriters in Lloyd’s and the London market, we have built a portfolio of over 300 delegated authority facilities in more than 30 countries, equating to in excess of $1bn in GWP (approx.) under management.

Delegated (binding) authority contracts can provide a highly cost-effective way to achieve efficient distribution for specialist insurances products and services. The contracts connect underwriters with insurance MGAs, brokers and other intermediaries who can very effectively reach and service their target markets.

We help to design, manage and deliver binding authority contracts for virtually every class of insurance, delegating responsibility for underwriting and/or claims handling from the insurer to the coverholder.

Additionally we actively manage the performance of our clients individual portfolios, for the benefit of our clients, markets and their policyholders. This attention to detail enables us to measure the delivery of value to all stakeholders.


We are concerned with every aspect and every stage of our clients’ businesses as they grow and adapt. Therefore, in addition to our placement services, we offer a comprehensive range of advisory services. We can support our clients in sourcing working capital, achieving regulatory compliance, responding to an audit, accessing actuarial modelling and data analysis tools, and strategy when it comes to start-up, conversion or exit.


We are an award-winning team of over 40 specialists in delegated authority contracts, compliance, claims, international territories, industry sectors and business strategy. Everything we do is designed to deliver better products, services and solutions to our clients, ultimately generating enhanced earnings and contract longevity.


  • Property, including personal and commercial/industrial and including catastrophe perils
  • Catastrophe only / Difference in Conditions for Earthquake, Wind and Flood
  • Lender fulfilled products and products for affinity groups, including financial institutions
  • Commercial Combined for specialist trades
  • Liability and Casualty, including specialist liability products
  • Mortgage Impairment & Forced Placed
  • Motor and auto products, both personal and commercial
  • Accident & Health, Life and Travel
  • Professional Liability and Professional Indemnity

The benefits of working with us include:


The advice, services and introductions you’ll find at Alesco Delegated Authority are all crafted in response to your needs, not our agenda. Rather than being tied to any carrier or investor, we’re free to explore the market on your behalf.


We know the major parties in the markets, and we know them well. This means we can introduce our clients to the right people to do business with. Often, we know where particular appetites exist because they have been expressed to us in private.


Because we know many of the key people and have built a strong reputation, we are trusted. Our clients can benefit from that trust, because it can mean we’re able to offer competitive terms that they may not be able to access elsewhere.


Our well-established team has specialist knowledge in a wide range of products, classes of business, specialisms – from placement of a wide range of classes of business to compliance, business strategy, actuarial modelling, specific industry sectors, international markets, and much more.


Over 60% of the GWP we manage comes from outside of the UK. Alesco Delegated Authority works in any territory across the globe, with specialist teams for the UK, Americas, EMEA and APAC.


We like a good opportunity, and don’t like to see them slip away unnecessarily. So we’ll work very hard to help you craft your proposal for a good chance of success, and we can often revive a stalled deal.


Our business is all about connecting people with other people, so it helps that we’re easy to work with and good to do business with. You’ll find that our team are not just good talkers but good listeners, too. We pride ourselves on our relationships with our clients and always put their needs first.

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