Alesco RMS offers placement and consultancy services in the event of a natural disaster or a crisis such as a hostage situation, terrorist incident or civil unrest. This cover includes support with reducing your risk exposure and is designed to secure a successful outcome for each individual caught up in an event.

Our dedicated special contingency team offers placement and advice services to protect your employees, and your organisation, in the event of a major catastrophe or crisis situation. Such incidents can have a lasting impact on your business as well as the individuals involved.

Besides placing special contingency insurance through Lloyd’s, on a wholesale or retail basis, we can access other domestic and international insurance and reinsurance markets. Business can also be placed under binding and delegated-authority facilities.

Kidnap, ransom & extortion insurance

Ensure that your employees have the best chance of a successful outcome. The policy objective is to secure the victim’s safe and timely release, and/or to remove the extortion threat. It also covers the unlimited costs of advice from specialist consultants during an incident, as well as preventative advice on diminishing your risk of kidnap or extortion. Read more about kidnap, ransom & extortion insurance.

Political & natural disaster insurance

This insurance covers employees who live or travel overseas, providing not only emergency evacuation services in the event of political or civil unrest or a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or tsunami, but also a range of specialist risk-management services. Read more about political & natural disaster evacuation insurance.

Accidental & malicious product recall insurance

This provides coverage against the costs of recalling a product. This insurance covers testing, the disposal of stock, repairs, replacements and redistribution following an accidental or malicious contamination. It also includes crisis management specialists to help you protect your brand, as well as pre-incident recall-planning and consultancy.

Crisis management response insurance

This is designed primarily for affinity programmes which provide worldwide response services following a crisis event. It is attractive to credit card and banking portfolios, travel and assistance affinity groups, employers, and family groups. The events covered can be tailored to meet your requirements, but could include: violent crime; political unrest; unlawful detention; terrorism; extortion; kidnap; disappearance (including child abduction); and natural disasters.

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