We create bespoke insurance portfolios, on an event-by-event or annual basis, for a wide range of individuals and businesses involved in the sports, entertainment and music industries.

Alesco RMS arranges specialist insurance, on a wholesale or retail basis, relating to the sports, entertainment and music industries. We will arrange cover anywhere in the world for artistes and bands, sports personalities and teams, magicians, hypnotists, comedians and even awards ceremonies, exhibitions and conferences. Drawing on the wider Alesco RMS group, we can also provide access to a broad range of both business and personal cover.

We arrange insurance for events on a one-off basis, such as a football tournament in Africa or a championship boxing match in the USA, or on an annual basis (suiting a rock group’s world tour, for example). And we can provide cover for a huge range of eventualities – from libellous retweets by celebrities to breaches of intellectual property in melodies, lyrics or magic tricks.

Our specialist sports & entertainment team

We have a team dedicated to arranging insurance for the sport, music & entertainment industries. Between them, they offer decades of highly specialist experience and insight. We have long-standing, positive relationships with those underwriters who specialise in these industries, and pride ourselves on offering a prompt, proactive service.

Our clients

Our clients include individual artists and performers as well as orchestras, music groups and bands, and individual athletes and teams. We also serve promoters, organisers of events (such as festivals and awards ceremonies), agents, suppliers, merchandisers, and venues such as arenas, stadiums, theatres and festival sites.

Group personal accident/sickness & group business travel

Athletes, entertainers, musicians, producers, directors and behind-the-scenes individuals may all face the risk of accidents causing injury, disability, loss of the senses, scarring, or other long-term conditions. Group travel insurance covers medical expenses, personal baggage, cash and even personal accident anywhere in the world – and can also cover crew, managers, physios, technicians, etc. Read more about group personal accident/sickness & group business travel cover.

Entertainment & musicians’ disability insurance

Injury can be a serious risk for performers such as musicians, actors & magicians, as well as key people behind the scenes. Disablement can even end careers, leading to significant financial loss, so our disability policies will benefit either the performer or the organisation behind them. Read more about entertainment & musicians’ disability insurance.

Event cancellation & non-appearance insurance

We arrange tailored cover for the cancellation or disruption of major sports and music events. You’d be covered for costs which can’t be refunded; the cost of postponing or relocating your event; the cost of mitigating your losses; any income which must be returned; and the loss of expected profit. Read more about event cancellation & non-appearance insurance.

Contingency terrorism insurance

You’ll be protected against financial loss as a result of both acts and threats of terrorism, including bomb scares, civil commotion and riots. Read more about contingency terrorism insurance.

Kidnap, ransom & extortion cover

Entertainers (and their families) are increasingly at risk of kidnapping and extortion threats. We can arrange a kidnap, ransom & extortion insurance policy to help prevent these incidents, to protect against financial loss, and to increase your chances of a successful resolution. Read more about kidnap, ransom & extortion insurance.

Key person & high-net-worth insurance

An increasing number of successful people in entertainment need higher-than-average levels of insurance, for personal or professional reasons, because the sums insured tend to be much higher. Their employers or businesses may also recognise the risk of losing that individual’s services, and insure themselves accordingly.. Read more about key person & high-net-worth insurance.

Equipment & instruments (owned or hired) insurance

You’ll be covered for loss or damage to any equipment and instruments you own or hire, such as lighting, sound, musical, seating, training, or broadcasting equipment. It includes backline and front-of-house equipment, and that grand piano you might need in a hurry!

Adverse weather insurance

This cover is often called enforced reduced attendance insurance, or rainfall cover. It protects you for lost walk-up ticket revenue on the day, should extreme weather prevent people from attending – even though the event goes ahead.

Public liability insurance

This insures you for injury or death to individuals in the audience or crowd, or damage to third-party property, at your entertainment or sporting event. It would cover, for example, injury caused to individuals as a result of crowdsurfing by a band member or sports personality, damage caused by falling stacks of speakers, or a ball being kicked into a fan’s face.

Employer’s liability insurance

This insurance enables freelance contractors such as roadies, merchandising retailers, and lighting, sound & broadcast technicians, etc to be treated as if they were employees. They’ll be covered for injury incurred whilst working for you and any resulting loss of income. It will also cover your permanent employees, both clerical and manual.

Please get in touch

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss your insurance needs, whether you’re involved in sports, music or other forms of entertainment. Our key contacts are listed below.

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