Our specialist contingency team offers you peace of mind by helping to protect you from the effects of event cancellation, terrorism, prize indemnities, death & disgrace, film contingencies, broadcast failure, over-redemption and weather.

We can arrange a wide range of insurance for eventualities which have the potential to adversely affect your business performance. This insurance is offered on both wholesale and direct bases, virtually anywhere in the world.

Event cancellation & non-appearance cover

Alesco RMS offers tailored cover for the cancellation or disruption of major sports & music events, festivals, exhibitions, awards ceremonies and theatre productions. This helps to protect you from irrecoverable expenses, lost revenues, and new costs for relocation or postponement. Read more about event cancellation & non-appearance insurance

Contingency terrorism insurance

This covers you for the cancellation of an event following an act (or threat) of terrorism, which then affects your event – such as a bomb threat connected to a sports match or music concert. Unlike a property terrorism policy, no act of terrorism has to actually occur, and the act or threat does not have to be at the venue itself. Read more about contingency terrorism insurance.

Prize indemnity & contractual bonus insurance

You’ll be covered for the cost of providing major prizes to the winners of competitions, or to sports stars who achieve a particular feat. It means you can benefit from all the advantages of running such competitions or promotions while at the same time protecting your balance sheet. Read more about prize indemnity & contractual bonus insurance.

Over-redemption cover

Designed for the advertising & promotions sector, this cover protects the promoter against the spiralling costs of campaigns which prove too successful, and where the take-up is greater than anticipated and budgeted.

Death & disgrace cover

Many businesses align themselves with celebrities for the purpose of endorsement or sponsorship. Perhaps these businesses hold loans which are contingent on the ability to derive revenue from such relationships. But what happens when the relationship goes wrong? The death or disablement of the individual, or their public disgrace (which is becoming increasingly common), can leave you with significant costs, like having to re-shoot an advertising campaign.

Film contingencies insurance

Designed for TV & film production companies, as well as advertising agencies, this is an all-risks package of insurance covering the cast and crew, equipment (such as film, sound and lighting), props, sets, wardrobe, and more. It covers contingencies such as the cancellation of a shoot for reasons beyond your control; loss or theft of money; loss or damage to equipment; and various liabilities. Includes deductible buy-down, exclusion buy-back and sub-limit buy-up policies.

Transmission failure insurance

This insurance covers you for any loss of income (such as pay-per-view subscriptions) as a result of the failure, or mechanical breakdown, of transmitting equipment essential to the capture or broadcast of major events such as sports matches, music concerts and theatrical productions. It’s ideal for the owners and operators of venues such as theatres and arenas, as well as event promoters.

Weather insurance

We offer a range of insurance products which protect against the adverse effects of weather. These cover event cancellation, balance-sheet protection ‘to-pay’ policies, weather days for film shoots, weather conditions used in promotions, and weather downtime on construction projects.

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