Alesco RMS offers strong facilities, efficient turnaround and an in-depth, professional service. We’ll search the market for the right accident & health insurance for you, provide a range of quotes and wordings, and take you through them in detail so you can make an informed choice.

Our specialist team provides an end-to-end service, from pre-purchase advice to claims management. A wide range of cover can be arranged, on a wholesale or retail basis, from individual high-net-worth policies to affinity programmes and corporate group cover. We use the full extent of the London and international markets, as well as our own in-house facility, to cover the most demanding risks and territories, even in the world’s most dangerous war zones.

We know that claims are the measure of insurance, so all claims are managed in-house by very determined claims managers. This in-house service means fast, efficient access to the placing brokers and the underwriters – which is why we aim to assess all claims within 24 working hours. 

Aircrew loss of license & personal accident insurance

This cover protects against permanent or temporary loss of the aviation pilot’s or air traffic controller’s medical certificate (following an accident or sickness), resulting in the loss of their license. Read more about aircrew PA & loss of license insurance

Group personal accident & illness/group business travel cover

This cover pays out a benefit to any employee who is temporarily or permanently prevented from doing their job as a result of an accident or illness. Read more about group PA, illness & travel insurance

Sports disability insurance

We arrange sports disability insurance to protect athletes & players, their families and their managers, or the businesses behind them such as sponsors and clubs. Read more about sports disability insurance.

Entertainment & musician’s disability insurance

This protects key individuals such as musicians, actors, producers and directors, as well as the businesses behind them, from financial loss as a result of disability on the part of the performer. Read more about entertainment & musician’s disability insurance

High risk & hazardous occupation insurance

Some occupations are inherently high-risk, and can’t be replaced with technology, such as surface or subsurface mining. Read more about high risk & hazardous occupation insurance.

Key person/high-net-worth insurance

For personal or professional reasons, increasing numbers of successful people need higher-than-average cover. This package can involve more than one risk carrier, and potentially several policies. Read more about key person/high-net-worth insurance

Life insurance & death from natural causes insurance

This life of insurance pays out a cash sum to the individual’s dependents in the event of loss of life:

●      A life policy will cover death from accident or illness, and is particularly suitable for individuals in hazardous occupations or in dangerous parts of the world.

●      A ‘death by natural causes’-only policy only covers death from illness, and excludes accidents.

Read more about life/death natural causes cover.

Multi-life accumulation risk insurance

This protects you against the catastrophic effect of the mass injury or death of your employees. Cover can be provided for natural disasters only, or can include terrorism and/or acts of a nuclear, chemical and/or biological and radiological nature. Read more about multi-life accumulation risk insurance

War & terrorism cover

Whether your business has employees overseas, or you’re the sort of organisation which must work in high-risk regions (perhaps in security, the media or humanitarian aid), we can provide consultancy services as well as wide-ranging, tailored cover. Read more about war & terrorism cover

Locum, replacement & absence cover

If the permanent employee (such as a teacher, GP or pharmacist) is unable to work, this cover will pay a weekly benefit to the employer for 1 or 2 years. It will cover the cost of providing a temporary replacement, and can contribute towards the cost of recruiting a new permanent employee.

Ship’s crew insurance

This cover pays out for accidental death and disability, and will also cover medical expenses. It includes ship-to-shore recovery when within range, or collection from the port with evacuation/medevac. It is triggered as soon as the incident arises on the vessel, and applies worldwide for both commercial cargo shipping and leisure yachting.

Medical expenses insurance

This cover is suitable for expatriate employees, such as those deployed or seconded overseas. It is available as a stand-alone policy or as an optional extra with other policies. It covers the costs of treating illness and injury, as well as evacuation and repatriation.

Travel insurance

Our travel insurance covers you for cancellations and curtailments, baggage, medical expenses, business goods and samples, and personal effects. It includes both business and personal leisure travel for the insured individuals, and is suitable for businesses of any size, and as a scheme for brokers and MGAs.

Accident, illness & unemployment cover

This bill protection cover is designed for utility companies such as gas, electricity, water, mobile phone and media businesses. You might choose to sell it or provide it free of charge to your customers, providing them with payment protection in the event that they become unable to pay their utility bills for reasons of accident, illness or unemployment.

Credit, debit, loyalty card & affinity insurance programmes

This type of cover enables credit/debit card companies, common carriers and loyalty/affinity programmes to offer extra benefits to their customers. A range of covers is available, including travel insurance, identity theft, mobile-phone cover, and assault at an ATM.

Confidential life & disability insurance

Sometimes, one person’s (or organisation’s) income will depend on another person’s ability to earn an income. This enables the life of that third party to be insured without their knowledge, and is suitable for the managers and agents of major personalities in sports or entertainment, record companies and lenders, or to partners in a business who depend heavily on another partner.

Death cover

Death insurance will pay out on accidental death as a result of anything from murder to a car accident or falling down the stairs. This type of cover is ideal for athletes, musicians and entertainers.

Temporary total and/or partial disablement

This insurance provides a weekly or monthly payment, for up to 5 years, to replace income lost as a result of accident or illness which has temporarily prevented the individual from carrying out all, or part, of their employment. It is particularly suitable for the self-employed and for sports and entertainment personalities.

Permanent partial disablement

Designed primarily for white-collar occupations, this insurance provides compensation in the event of disability following accident or injury, and will cover the cost of making accessibility adaptations to the individual’s home and/or car.

Permanent total disablement/career ending disability

Particularly suited to the world of sport, this insurance pays out if accident or illness prevent the insured person/s from pursuing their occupation on a permanent basis. This cover can be arranged by the athlete, for their own benefit, or by their management company; or on a team basis, by the proprietors, or even for sponsors or agents where contractual arrangements exist.

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