From helping you to comply with your lender’s requirements to insuring your construction and ongoing operations, Alesco RMS can create the ideal insurance programme for you – whatever your size, wherever you are.

Whether you’re a small exploration company or an established, production-phase mining business, Alesco RMS offers tailored insurance programmes designed around your own very particular needs. We specialise in providing mining insurance across all classes, including casualty and property as well as for the construction phase and for special contingencies such as the kidnap and ransom of personnel.

Our clients

Alesco RMS has worked with some of the world’s leading mining companies. We place programmes for a huge variety of projects, including those using cutting-edge technology, deep-shaft-sinking projects, and mines in a wide range of terrains all over the world.

Unique ‘risks attaching’ facility for mine construction

We offer a construction insurance facility called ‘risks attaching’, offering certainty of coverage, protected pricing and insurer security during the project development stage (when project capex is being considered and the viability of the project assessed). All of your mining projects can be attached on their inception date, benefiting automatically from coverage for each project’s construction period (including defects liability period) without having to renew or extend the covers. Projects of all sizes can be accommodated, renewable annually or bi-annually with the same market, and capturing additional projects to maximise your leverage for your whole project portfolio.

Our services

  • Advisory services – Alesco RMS offers a wide range of pre- and post-placement advocacy services, including retention financing, funding and structuring, as well as due diligence and reviews. We also offer risk assessments, risk engineering, risk management, and training and support in risk-related areas.
  • Placement – We will approach the most relevant underwriters in the most appropriate markets for your operation, wherever that may be. This means we can tailor an insurance programme which is right for your mine or your business, with comprehensive coverage at the right price.
  • Alternative risk transfer – We will advise our clients on any complex exposures they may face, and devise an alternative risk management solution supported by our sophisticated modelling tools.
  • Claims management – Our dedicated claims team offers a range of services including settlement negotiation, collection, and aggregate monitoring.

Why we’re different

  • Our team has a deep and very technical understanding of mining, which adds real weight to our advisory and placement services. We know how mines are constructed and how they operate, the shifting trends in the market, and the many challenges mines may face.
  • We understand the wide-ranging interests of the various stakeholders involved in mining, from project owners and sponsors to construction contractors, lenders, engineers, governments and public authorities, insurance and reinsurance companies, and brokers (retail and wholesale).
  • We are close to the most relevant underwriters in the leading international markets, so we know where appetites are strongest and can create the right insurance programme at the right price.

Types of cover

We can arrange a wide range of insurance for your mining construction project or your ongoing mining operations, which can include the following lines and more:

  • Insurance for open-pit or underground mining, and the equipment used for mining them
  • Cover for your processing plant, including concentrators, smelters and other refining plant
  • Consequential loss insurance following an interruption to your business
  • Insurance for the construction of new property or the refurbishment of existing assets
  • Contractors’ mobile plant and equipment insurance
  • Third-party liability cover, including contractors working on site
  • Cargo risk insurance, including the transportation of bullion and precious metals
  • Political risks insurance, including confiscation, expropriation, nationalisation and revoked licences
  • Kidnap and ransom insurance for your mining personnel
  • Insurance for damage as a result of riot, strike, civil commotion, war or terrorism
  • Personal accident insurance
  • Directors’ and officers’ insurance, covering a range of liabilities including prospectus indemnity.

Please get in touch

Our mining specialists will be pleased to hear from you, whether your interest lies in the construction phase, casualty or property, or in alternative risk transfer. Our key contacts are listed below. 

Mining Key Contacts