New technology is opening up alternative sources of power, including renewables – so power & utilities are becoming increasingly specialised fields of insurance. They demand expertise in underwriting and broking which extends significantly beyond just the placement of risk.

Alesco RMS is here to support you through the end-to-end process of achieving the best possible insurance solution for your business. Wherever in the world you operate, whatever the size of your fleet, we’re here to help.

We’ve placed multi-line insurance and reinsurance programmes for companies in both operational and construction phases, from Burkina Faso to Mongolia, Canada to Vietnam, Jordan to the Seychelles – and beyond. And we’ve done it for virtually every form of generation and transmission across the globe, from 2MW floating turbines to 700MW wind farms:

  • Wind turbines and wind farms (on-shore & off-shore)
  • Solar (PV & CSP) energy
  • Wave & tidal energy
  • Oil & gas
  • Geothermal energy
  • Other thermal technologies, including new-generation gas turbines
  • Hydroelectric plants
  • Coal-fired power stations (especially in the developing world)
  • Bioenergy & biomass plants
  • Waste-to-energy plants
  • Renewable power generation
  • Transmission & distribution networks.

We also recognise occasions when an energy mix is needed to secure continuity of supply.

Why insure through us?

  1. Our close relationships with the key underwriters in the leading international markets means we can often access insurers, reinsurers and competitive deals that others simply can’t. We also take an innovative approach to regional reinsurance in less traditional territories, where your cover can be just as reliable, more favourable to local lenders, and possibly more competitive, too.
  2. We provide essential extra services that most transactional brokers don’t offer, including contract reviews, alternative risk transfer, owner-controlled insurance programmes, and much more.
  3. Our industry specialists have a deep understanding of power generation and renewable energy: we know how projects work, and we understand the sector’s challenges, risks and ever-changing global landscape.

Our clients

We support a huge range of clients, of all sizes, in the power generation and renewable energy industry. They include some of the biggest regulated utility providers, who manage large power station fleets; most of these organisations have their own captive insurance companies. We also provide extensive support to developers of small private-sector renewables projects, and almost every type of business in-between.

Securing your project finance

Our team will work with your bank to help you secure the capital you need for your power-generation project. We’ll even negotiate with your lender’s own insurance advisors on your behalf – and we’ll push back on any unnecessary coverage they may claim you need.

You can rely on our team

We’re easy to talk to, good at listening, and very proactive. Most importantly, we understand [italics] this sector and what your project involves. We know what sort of challenges you’ll face, and what your lenders are looking for. We’ll assess your exposure to risk, including reviewing your contracts (we specialise in assessing the potential impact of contractual obligations on revenue), and we’ll match your risks to the right types and levels of cover. You’ll also have access to the skills and experience of colleagues on our other teams, including construction, casualty, accident & health (including high-risk and hazardous occupations), alternative risk transfer and risk consulting (including oil advisory support).

Classes of insurance

We can arrange a wide range of cover, including:

  • construction insurance
  • delay in start-up (during construction & transportation)
  • cargo transportation cover, including marine cargo
  • third-party liability cover
  • property damage cover
  • machinery breakdown insurance
  • business interruption & loss-of-revenue cover
  • defective-design insurance
  • natural-catastrophe cover
  • insurance for cyber risks
  • cover for war, terrorism, sabotage and political risks
  • weather derivatives cover
  • performance guarantee cover (for solar plants)
  • environmental impairment liability insurance.

Please get in touch

Every power-generation and renewables business is unique, so let’s talk about yours. Our key contacts are listed below.

View our glossary of insurance terms.

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