Our robust, competitive insurance for onshore oil & gas contractors benefits from the kind of volume which is attractive to underwriters. It is a highly sustainable facility, with a client retention rate of over 90%.

Alesco has been instrumental in developing the London market for onshore oil & gas contractors. As a result, ours is the market-leading facility in London, with clients all over the world. Our facility currently holds 110 declarations, with combined insured values in excess of US$7bn. We insure over 2,800 land rigs, including around 65% of the North American land-rig fleet, with other clients across Latin America, MENA, Europe and Australasia.

High-quality cover

Our facility is backed by Lloyd’s of London, offering a minimum of A- rated security. Even where regulations demand a local insurer, you’ll have the benefit of global licensing, and we can secure local partnerships for you around the world.

An ideal placement team

One of Alesco’s strengths is a team of placement specialists who range from younger, ambitious brokers to the more senior, experienced experts. This means we can build strong relationships at every level within the major syndicates. 

In-house claims management service

We know that claims are what count in insurance, which is why we keep our claims service not only in-house but within our placement team. Our energy specialists understand onshore oil & gas projects, so we understand the claims - seeing them as ‘front and centre’ of our work. Over $65m of paid claims are proof of the robustness of our facility, as well as of the long-term philosophy of its underwriting panel.

Advisory services

Alesco RMS adds value to our insurance solutions through a range of pre- and post-placement advocacy services. Our risk consulting and alternative risk transfer services include retention analysis and consultancy around the benefits of, and development of, captive insurance companies.

Types of cover

We will create a package of insurance for you, which may include lines such as:

  • Rig/equipment physical damage insurance
  • Construction of rigs insurance
  • Fixed-property physical damage cover
  • Loss-of-hire cover
  • Contingent/turnkey control-of-well insurance
  • Liability cover
  • Terrorism insurance.

Please get in touch

Do talk to us about your onshore contractor’s insurance needs (please note that we also offer offshore contractor’s insurance. Our key contacts are listed below.

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Onshore Contractors Key Contacts