Wherever in the world you operate, you need a claims team who will fight hard on your behalf if your property is damaged or destroyed.

We understand that a claim is the true test of your property insurance policy. It is also the test of your broker – and our clients stay with us because we help to ensure they get the claims settlements they deserve.

Worldwide cover

We handle property claims for clients all over the world, from Australia to the USA via South Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. We cover a huge range of industry sectors, including mining operations, power plants, residential & commercial property, manufacturing operations, and leisure resorts. We handle claims for natural catastrophes (such as earthquakes and hurricanes) plus events such as fires, mine-shaft collapses and more.

We will go there ourselves

We are nothing if not tenacious. In one troublesome claim, we sent one of our claims managers to the High Andes in Peru. It took 18 hours just to get from Lima to the site of the mine collapse – which is why the insurer’s loss adjuster didn’t go. At the arbitration hearing, the fact that our claims manager had seen and photographed the site for himself, and could talk knowledgeably about the claim (when the loss adjuster hadn’t and couldn’t) impressed the arbitrator, and the claim was resolved in our client’s favour. 

A determined, experienced claims team

Between them, our claims team has decades of experience handling property claims. We believe that one of the reasons we can be so successful with claims is because of our approach:

  • We know each of our bespoke policy wordings, so we know exactly what you’re covered for
  • As soon as we’re notified of your claim, we’ll find out exactly what’s happened and compare it with your policy, spotting any ‘pinch points’ where we think issues could arise
  • We know the potential complexities of property claims, such as inter-dependency clauses
  • We’ll set realistic expectations for what you can claim for
  • We’ll work hard to present and negotiate a fair settlement for you; we’ll visit the site, the insurer, the loss adjustor, any financial or technical experts and/or the arbitrator, helping to ensure a complete and accurate presentation of your claims case
  • We manage your claims process throughout, so the final negotiation contains no surprises and the settlement can be processed as quickly and fully as possible.

Stalled and undervalued claims

We are willing to consider property claims which have stalled in the hands of other brokers, or where their client thinks the settlement they received was unreasonably low; this can even be years down the line. For example:

  • We were called to visit a manufacturing plant in Europe after the client’s broker had made a major error with a business interruption clause. Four years on, we tracked down the forensic accountant, made them aware of the mistake, and were able to secure an additional $1.5m settlement for the client.
  • We identified a misinterpreted indemnity clause in another client’s policy. Clearly, after the event which triggered their claim, they couldn’t achieve 100% of their original customer footfall on the very day they were able to reopen for business. Their original settlement was only £25k, but we were able to secure an additional £300k for them.

Please get in touch

Always consider how your property claims might be handled before you choose an insurance policy. We’d welcome the opportunity to tell you more about Alesco RMS, so please get in touch with any of our key contacts listed below.

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