At Alesco construction we strongly feel that one of the key criteria for measuring your broker should be on their ability to ensure that claims payment is effectively and efficiently settled.

Our in-house claims team retains full control of every facet of claims management from first advice to final settlement ensuring that our clients are fully supported throughout the claims process.

Alesco’s claims teams are closely aligned to our broking and account servicing teams, delivering timely and equitable resolution of each and every claim presented by our clients, regardless of size.

The construction service team has dealt with many claims for major projects across the world. Many of the team managed the largest thermal power plant claim in the market and so are very close to the issues that are the current focus of the insurance market for the construction of major power plants.

Example 1) Boiler Damage – Coal Fired Power Plant in the USA

A boiler overheating incident at a large MW output coal fired electrical generating plant. The project was 98% complete and had been test firing for three months when the plant initiated its first use of coal in the boiler. The normal operating temperature of the boiler is intended to be 1050 F. During this test firing on coal, the boiler reached an internal temperature of 1700 degrees – most notably without water flow.

Due to overheating, approximately 80% of the helical boiler tubes had to be replaced. The entire 250 foot high boiler was twisted and canted to one side as a result of heat expansion whereby the framework expanded too quickly.

Example 2) Steam Turbine Generator Damage – IWPP in the Middle East

Our team handled a claim involving multiple steam turbine generators at an IWPP in the Middle East. The STGs suffered damage due to a design / defect failure in all site STGs. This caused significant property damage as well as Business Interruption loss during the initial operation periods between commercial operations date and provisional commercial operations date. This was a complex loss because of a series of technological and commercial factors

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