Our dedicated casualty claims team has great experience in all areas of casualty claims, including public, employers, pollution and products liability, environmental impairment liability (gradual pollution), product recall and medical malpractice.

We have a wealth of experience across all the classes of liability insurance we place, which is applied to everything from small public liability claims to large high value and multiparty losses.

Strong relationships within the team

Our casualty claims team have worked closely with the placing team since 1998, this has lead to a great understanding of our clients and their needs, along with close familiarity with policy and program structures. This close working relationship and understanding enhances the overall claims service.

Strong relationships with external parties

We have worked very hard, to build good relationships with our markets and experts around the world and continue to do so. This aids our ability to access them quickly, which is especially helpful for fast moving, complex claims.

Proactive & determined claims managers

We are able to recognise potential problems early and will work diligently until resolved. We absolutely believe any grey area should be construed in our clients’ favour. We will persist in our representation of a claim until we achieve a successful outcome. This attitude is especially valuable in a tightening claims market, where sterner tests are being applied to claims.  


A new client transferred an existing claim, with an ongoing policy dispute, which centred around the application of a sublimit, to us. The amount in dispute was circa $4M.  The previous broker had argued unsuccessfully for two years against the application of the limit. On taking over the claim and working closely with the Insured, we were able to offer a fresh perspective and present new evidence, which lead to the issue being successfully resolved within 3 months and the claim being paid in full.

Example casualty claims:

The following are just some of the liability claims we’ve handled recently:

  • In Chile, a claim for crop damage as a result of using a contaminated product, worth US$50m
  • In Taiwan, resultant damage from a gas explosion (US$27.5m)
  • A warehouse fire in Canada caused by our client (CA$25m)
  • Also in Canada, a claim for the contamination of a gas supply (CA$14.5m)
  • Claims for oil releases in Mexico (US$13m) and Canada (US$12m)
  • A fatality in the Bahamas (US$9.8m)

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