Our alternative risk transfer solutions respond to client problems for which traditional remedies, in traditional insurance or financial markets, are difficult to find. The deals we can strike tend to be large and are often multi-line and/or multi-year, and often exceed what most people would consider as achievable in the insurance market.

Our work in this area benefits significantly from our actuarial, consulting and modelling capabilities. Although we can deliver solutions for virtually any sector or industry, we have particular strengths in mining, energy, hospitality, automotive and other heavy industries, professional services, and financial institutions.

Loss portfolio transfers

Many businesses have legacy balance sheet items relating to uninsured/underinsured liability risks. They can involve impending losses, unreported or unsettled claims, or future expenses which will exceed the budgeted cost. We could arrange a loss portfolio transfer to relieve your company, or your captive insurer, from legacy liabilities from the past. Read more about loss portfolio transfers.

Risk financing & captive solutions

Our specialist advice, supported by sophisticated financial and actuarial modelling, can benefit your balance sheet and P&L. With our careful guidance, you can choose from a range of innovative options to help you finance your risks. Read more about risk financing & captive solutions

Weather risk insurance

We can arrange both parametric and traditional weather & natural catastrophe insurance if your business (or perhaps your economy) depends on the presence, or absence, of certain weather and ground-safety conditions. Read more about weather risk.

Residual value risk

Residual value insurance can protect the value of any income-generating assets you lease out (such as cars, aircraft or property), helping you to guarantee their future value and protect your balance sheet. Read more about residual value risk

Brand damage & reputational risk cover

This insurance will pay for unexpected costs incurred should your brand value be adversely affected by a particular event. You might experience negative PR, a drop in share price, and/or lost customers, and you might need to take steps in mitigation, such as running a campaign. 

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